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Srware iron is a modified version of the chromium browser, the exact same technology and code behind the now popular google chrome browser.

Srware iron: the browser of the future - based on the free sourcecode "chromium" - without any problems at privacy and security chrome thrilled with an.

Srware iron is 'the browser of the future' - based on the free sourcecode "chromium". Srware iron - windows 8 downloads srware iron is a real alternative.

Srware iron browser is a fast, reliable, secure, privacy conscious, chrome based web browser for windows. Iron portable from portableapps is a fully functional browser that its makers tout as the browser of the future. The browser is based on the chromium-source and offers the same features as chrome. Video embedded · srware iron heavily mimics google's chrome browser, incorporating access to developer tools, various settings to change appearance and privacy settings, as. Nov 06,  · free download srware iron - a user-friendly internet browser that combines the ease of use of chrome's interface with enhanced privacy a.

Srware iron: the browser of the future - overview - news - chrome vs iron - faq (frequently asked questions) - download srware iron download iron is .

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